Dazzle Body Shimmer - Glitter
Dazzle Body Shimmer - Glitter
Dazzle Body Shimmer - Glitter

Dancing Dust Body Shimmer

Dazzle Body Shimmer - Glitter

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A body Shimmer/Glitter/Bronzer which makes you glow and sparkle like never before. Beautifully scented, Dancing Dust will keep your skin looking amazing while feeling sexy and confident. A great base for your festival body makeup.

Hand made

100% Vegan

100% Biodegradable

100% Recyclable 

Application: Tip Dancing Dust pot upside down with body puff still in place. Use the body puff and dab to distribute product then swipe shimmer all over you body to blend.


  • For longer lasting staying power, spray with a makeup setting spray or a light layer of hairspray.
  • For a more intense colour tone, if purchasing dark and to make it longer lasting, make sure you moisturise EXTREMELY lightly before you apply and then add a few layers. 


Light - For paler toned skin or great if your wanting only sparkle.

Dark - For medium tone skin wanting a bronzed look or for darker toned skin wanting sparkle.