Lyla Classic Stiletto - Gloss
Lyla Classic Stiletto - Gloss

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Lyla Classic Stiletto - Gloss

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I'ma shine like GLOSS💕

✨Cushioned Insole so you can wear for longer⁠ 
✨Soft TPU Upper and small peep-toe to stop escaping toes⁠ 
✨Pointe-friendly Platforms

All Classic Stilettos are named after our fave stripper & hu$tler friends that we've known through the years (some have public personas and some are secret) 💸

"When you feel good inside, you look good. Be confident, look after yourself, be nice to others and most importantly when you're feelin' yourself everyone else will wanna be feelin' ya too 😇😈"⁠ - Lyla, 2018

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