Make Me Dusty Tester Pack

Dancing Dust Body Shimmer

Make Me Dusty Tester Pack

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Unsure whether it will work for you?

Want to try before you buy the big one?

Yes!!! Well, it's here. Get your mini samples of Dancing Dust Make Me Dusty so your next decision can be made easy. 

Hand made 🖐

Vegan friendly 🌳

Cruelty-free 🐇

  • Make Me Dusty is a hand and body grip for normal to sweaty skin.



A pole aid for Dry/Extra Dry skin with biodegradable glitter.

Shake well before use. Spray on body parts needing grip and leave to dry. Around 10-20 seconds. Then pole away.

Make Me Dusty pack - 4x 5ml Make Me Dusty (random mix)



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